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Companies or individuals often have disputed commercial claims, but do not have the expertise or resources to pursue the claim effectively. On a similar basis, Insolvency Practitioners and lawyers often represent creditors who have suffered losses and don't want to suffer (or pay for) any more. How do such parties turn disputed commercial claims into cash? Previously companies, individuals and Insolvency Practitioners have been forced to litigate claims themselves with all the attendant costs implications, force creditors to pay for the litigation or, ultimately when there are no funds, abandon claims altogether.

IM Litigation Funding offers a real risk free alternative. IMLF uses its expertise and funds, to pursue claims vested with companies, individuals or in the insolvent company, the client, or with the Insolvency Practitioner, and then shares the proceeds.


Ambitious litigation funder strengthens ties with seasoned player

Woodsford Litigation Funding has strengthened is existing ties with IM Litigation Funding by acquiring the IMLF name, its goodwill, website and on-going rights relating to certain invested claims.

IMLF was a first-mover in the UK and started funding insolvency claims almost 10 years ago. The company has a proud record, having reviewed around 650 claims, invested significant capital in over 50 and achieved a success rate approaching 80%.

Woodsford is a more recent entrant and has put together a strong executive team and Investment Advisory Panel with wide-ranging expertise to build a portfolio of high value commercial claims. Peter Horrocks, a shareholder and director of IMLF and, more recently, a member of Woodsford's Investment Advisory Panel, comments:

"IM Litigation Funding has blazed a trail in the sector and enjoys high profile built on its professional approach over many years. Litigation funding continues to level the financial playing field for those with meritorious claims and I look forward to continuing to give Woodsford the benefit of my hugely interesting and challenging experience at IMLF"

For further information and all funding enquiries, please contact:

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